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Why Velocity?

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Fast by name, fast by nature
Velocity provides up to 7.4kw charging capacity, the maximum possible on a 32amp single phase connection
Dynamic Load Balancing
EV chargers can use over half of the power supplied to some homes and can easily overload the supply breaker when several other appliances are running at the same time. Velocity is installed with Dynamic Load Balancing which reduces the charging rate to use the maximum available power without tripping the breaker
Turn on from the wall unit with built in LED display or use the Wi-Fi enable app to access programmable options and monitor real time charging
Cost conscious
Programmable to be cost effective - intelligent, smart charging technology optimizes the utilization of low-cost off-peak power
Secure Charging
Security is enabled when utilizing the app or RFID swipe cards - set the boundaries on who is using the charger in your home
Compatible with all EV cars
Velocity is safe to use with all electric vehicles sold in New Zealand. Tethered Type 2 charger with option Velocity Type 1 adapter covers all vehicle models.
Safety - B Circuit Breaker
Industry leading, safe certified technology - Velocity chargers are installed with a WorkSafe New Zealand recommended B type circuit breaker. Velocity has been rigorously tested and certified to meet New Zealand's stringent electrical regulations
Designed for New Zealand where both indoor and outdoor applications are common, Velocity will safely operate from -30 degrees Celsius to + 55 degrees Celsius
Superior Support
Our network of qualified and highly experienced electricians and support staff, have you covered from enquiry to post installation support
3 Year Warranty
Fast, smart and reliable charging every time you plug in

Join the future of electric vehicle charging

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Fast ≫ Smart ≫ Reliable

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